AICP Minnesota sponsor reel 2012

Before you watch, make sure your sound is turned up!

Here is this years AICP Minnesota sponsor reel! We were lucky to take the award for ‘best professional work’ in this years Minnesota Electronic Theater

MET Award 2012

I worked on this with Mike Zugschwert, Tyson Ibele, Joe Kim, Romain Faure, Kevin Wisdom, Josh Clos, and it was poduced by Danny Robashkin, who got his hands dirty on a few shots as well. And all of it wrapped together with the always amazing work of Steve Horner, who did the audio.

I setup the 3D shading, lighting and 2D comp that was used across the whole spot, and personally worked on about half of the shots. Mike, Danny and I worked closely to work out the effects and how they would work on logo reveals, and we used a bunch of new tools in production that ended up working very well.

For the official MAKE post, with some behind the scenes images, look here.

Tools we used extensivly were the thinkbox plugins of xMesh, Krakatoa, Frost, and even a bit of Genome, as well as the particle flow toolboxes and realflow, and all of it went through 3DSMax and Aftereffects. It was a real exercise for all involved to make everything come together in the end, and I had a blast figuring it out.

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