3ds Max speed tip 01 – Active Type

Hey everyone, I am starting a series of speed and workflow tips for 3DS Max that I have picked up over the years of working production. I have seen my fair share of tutorial videos, and am tired of slow paced ones that are 45 min long, and you only see 1 or 2 new things. So I’ve made an effort to keep these videos short and fast paced, and targeted at an intermediate experience level in 3Ds Max.

Alright, so you can get active type here: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/activetype And it appears to be in moderately active development / maintenance as of the time I made this video.

Active Type 01

Some features of active type I would like to highlight.

  • Create objects
  • Add modifiers to one or many objects at once
  • Edit common attributes in one action ( not even instanced )
  • Access and execute Maxscript
  • Store and execute custom scripts
  • Make you a delicious sandwich
  • It stores a history, so after some use, it fits like a glove

So as you can see, it is an easy to install plugin that allows access to command panel items, maxscript, and object properties from anywhere in the view-port. A quick, easy, customizable tool that I cannot work without, and will be used in most of my videos. I have been asked about it in the past, and just figured I’d make this to cover what it is capable of.

Active Type 02

I have gotten to the point where if I am ever unfortunately at a workstation without it, i’ll just go ahead and install it. It takes much less time to install than it takes to even find one modifier in a heavy scene.

So I have a few of these coming and will be releasing one a week for at least the next month and a half, so stay tuned, and feel free to give some feedback, or suggest things that you know, or would like to learn!

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