3ds Max speed tip 02 – Lazy UVW Mapping

Second in the series of speed and workflow tips for 3ds Max.

This one covers a way to get around uvw coordinates of unusual objects. It shows you a technique on how to use multiple uvw channels to create a tile-less, seamless, unwrap free texture on your objects, without any visible stretching or pinching. It is a quick method that lets you power through an often undesirable task.

Here is an example of an object with co-ordinates that are a little problematic:

Lazy UVWs 01

The method in this video is a combination of using a spherical map for most of the mesh, and a planar map to cover the pinched poles of the spherical map. The texture is blended inside of a composite material, using the same map. For objects like rocks this is a quick and dirty way to make something without seams.

Lazy UVWs 02

Once your have one material setup in this way you can easily swap out the maps for others and avoid repeating the moderate setup.

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