Random 3ds Max splash image

A quick script for randomly changing the startup image for 3ds max, it is a nice way to make Max feel nice and cozy.

I have seen other ones out there, but they require additional software, and have more complicated installations, so I made this one for me.

randomSplash 01


To install:

1. Unzip all files to a folder

2. run install.bat

if the folder structure of your max installation is different, simply copy the contents of $Scripts to your 3dsmax/scripts/ folder.

I have provided 2 splash images, but you can add as many, named whatever you like. Just put them in the /max/scripts/splashes/ folder. They will need to be a .bmp But they can be whatever resolution or aspect ratio you desire.

For max 2013 installation: http://www.aarondabelow.com/v1/scripts/random_splash/randomSplash2013.zip

For max 2014 installation: http://www.aarondabelow.com/v1/scripts/random_splash/randomSplash2014.zip

Just the script: http://www.aarondabelow.com/v1/scripts/random_splash/randomSplash.ms

There also is a post at scriptspot, for your convenience: