After Effects Transforms exporter v1.01


Added direct to clipboard button for the animated export function.

After Effects Transforms exporter v1.0


A script for saving out transforms from 3ds max for After Effects. It can both do static or animated positions, and can output directly to the clipboard, or to a text file that has after effect keyframe data in it that can be copied and pasted into after effects.

To start the script, simply drag it into your viewport.

To get the camera or position into after effects you’ll need to use an .RPF camera imported into your after effects project.

After you have that running in your project you can select your object in max and export its position and simply paste it onto the object you wish to have those transformations in AE. This is pretty straightforward because the AE keyframe clipboard data is ascii, and can be edited, copied and pasted wherever.

This is the newest version that has positions rotations and scale included in the keyframe data!