Fast ‘End Task’ for trouble programs – 3ds max, After Effects

If you have used 3ds max of after effects in production, you have had it stall or crash. Sometimes even the crash can crash its crashing, and you end up with tasks running, that you have to go through the task manager to kill. Sometimes going to the process, or process tree and terminating that. And then waiting for windows to politely quit the program, asking you if you really want to do that. Sometimes you need to do this process multiple times a day, and just get fed up with it. Well here is the solution I have. .bat files that just cut to the chase and stop the program.

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Camblock motion control – Scale match

Here is a little motion control scaling test I worked on at MAKE as a proof of concept for doing scaled shots. There is no tracking or fudging going on in either of the two composited shots, they are just garbage keyed and laid over each-other. Using some simple math, and a plum line we were able to scale the camera move to match the same subject, just 1/6 the size! The motion control setup we were using is the super lite and configurable camblock products.

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