AICP – 2012 Reception Reel

This was done for the local AICP Minnesota chapter, and was a serious undertaking!

Besides doing several segments of the piece I served as Technical Director, as well as setting up the lighting, rendering and compositing of the spot, that was used by each artist in their shots.

I worked on this project as part of the talented team at MAKE.

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Childs Play – Gifts from Above

This was a real passion pet project for me, it is for the child’s play charity started by the people at Penny Arcade.

This was the first time I had ever done motion capture, as well as many of the other things in this piece.I ended up developing a handful of tools in the trenches on this one to help complete the task.

I served as Technical Director, and 3D lead as well as doing a handful of the shots.

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Thank You, Mom

This piece relied heavily on the motion capture system “CamBlock” and is how we were able to do multiple takes required for every shot to be able to combine them in post.

This was an interesting shoot, and I even did portions of the edit on location during shooting to ensure certain takes worked well together.

I worked on this project as part of the talented team at MAKE.

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Palm Springs Film Fest 2011

I had the pleasure of being the VFX super on this piece with Mike Nelson directing.

There were some interesting challenges with this one, with a constant 360 movement of the camera.

In some situations we constructed a 360ยบ greenscreen. It was a bit interesting to work in, and let us get all the angles orbiting around the protagonist and add whatever environment we needed.

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