The Animated Actors Guild – Expectations

I served as the Technical Director for this spot, and besides helping move everything along, I did the character rigs, and the lighting, shading, and compositing of the whole spot.

Dealing with characters with cloth and other small details was a new experience, and I ended up making some scripted tools to help in the future with dealing with animated meshes, and different versions of character rigs.

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While finishing up school the Creative Director at MAKE allowed me the awesome opportunity to direct this piece at MAKE.

It is an animation that I had done some style frames for and was meant to be a non-narrative animation of a microscopic robotic ecosystem. I wanted to give a nice dimension of scale, with the ever zooming out camera.

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Childs Play – Gifts from Above

This was a real passion pet project for me, it is for the child’s play charity started by the people at Penny Arcade.

This was the first time I had ever done motion capture, as well as many of the other things in this piece.I ended up developing a handful of tools in the trenches on this one to help complete the task.

I served as Technical Director, and 3D lead as well as doing a handful of the shots.

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Palm Springs Film Fest 2011

I had the pleasure of being the VFX super on this piece with Mike Nelson directing.

There were some interesting challenges with this one, with a constant 360 movement of the camera.

In some situations we constructed a 360º greenscreen. It was a bit interesting to work in, and let us get all the angles orbiting around the protagonist and add whatever environment we needed.

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