A bunch of little shortcuts and mini scrips that I use on a daily basis, many of these have no other home than in this toolbox, so it would be a good idea to check out the video for a bunch of the one-off scrips in here.

The video here is for the version 1.1 release, and mostly it is the same, the modifier modifier has changeds slightly, however most of the changes were under the hood, and have made the code much much more stable, and now supports undo calls.

This is the only script that requires a little bit of an install for full functionality, there is a readme attached to the zip with full instruction on proper installation.

Features include:

  • Viewport shading and wirecolor preset
  • Random wirecolors on selection
  • Custom geometry – quad topped cylinder
  • Custom geometry – quad only sphere
  • Global / Local modifer toggling for viewport / render actions
  • IK stretch (Thanks Tyson Ibele)
  • Stretchy bone tools
  • Piston Maker
  • Zero and Clear an objects controler
  • Mirror Rig
  • Center pivot / origin
  • Pallette tool

This is something that I developed in my fist 2 years of working in max, and there are some really usefull tools in here for shortening a job. Many of these have been rolled into a package of 3DS max tools at MAKE, and is now being developed there. So this is probably where these guys will be staying for a while.