Debris Maker

Create various types of debris and rubble and load them into default particle systems. This is a usefull tool for creating a bunch of procedural geometry for effects or scene layout.

After Effects Transforms exporter

A script for saving out all the transfroms to after effects from 3ds Max. It can both do static or animated positions, and can output directly to the clipboard, or to a text file that has after effect keyframe data in it that can be copied and pasted into after effects.

Lazy UVW editor

The Lazy UVW editor is a way to procedurally create seamless textures without having to unwrap uvs. It accomplishes this by using multiple uvw channels to cover pinching, stretching, or seams of the basic uvw mapping options, and the resulting map may be baked down to one channel if desired.

Transform Baker

Collapse down the controler of an object in either local or world space. This will bake a keyframe on every frame. Excellent for tacking things down before they get passed down the pipe.

Dabelow Toolbox

A bunch of little shortcuts and mini scrips that I use on a daily basis, many of these have no other home than in this toolbox, so it would be a good idea to check out the video for a bunch of the one-off scrips in here.