Transform Baker v1.3


Collapse down the controler of an object in either local or world space. This will bake a keyframe on every frame. Excellent for tacking things down before they get passed down the pipe.

There are two modes of baking, one will just bake the local transforms, which include pos, rot, scale, all under the current heirarchy. Any parents or children will be preserved throughout the script, just with a keyframe baked down for each frame in the chosen range.

The other mode will esentially rip the object out of the rig, or whatever it is in. It will grab the local transforms for each frame, and interpret them into world space, and then once the entire timeline is calculated, the object will be removed from whatever heirarchy that it is in, and have those calculated world space transforms applied to it. This methond is great for just getting the object’s position ripped out and you can do whatever you want with it.

Both of these methods can be applied to the base object, or be placed on a point helper.

This is a tried and true script and has been used in a production environment for a couple years now, and hopefully will suit you well too!